I'm a Brazilian communicator, teacher and learning scientist, currently under doctoral training at NYU. My work lies on the intersection of critical pedagogies, civic 

learning, design, and human-computer interaction.


I transitioned to academia at age 37, when I started my Master's in Education Technology at Stanford. Before that, I took on various roles in the private sector, government, corporate institutes and NGOs. At age 18, I cofounded Curso Invest, a pioneer college prep program for low income students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2012, my work with Invest received the Makes a Difference national award, granted by the O Globo newspaper (Brazil).

Since 2019, I have been publishing opinion articles about education policy and technology on Época, the second largest magazine in Brazil. If you speak Portuguese, don't miss them.

___/\_ fabioc@nyu.edu _/\___

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